success stories #1

challenge: Rethink a pricing structure that limited market appeal and potential sales.
solution: Introduce a matrix pricing model that increased volume and revenue.

A prominent energy client did not offer matrix pricing, which charts businesses by type and allows different rates based on business type and usage.

Cydcor needed to provide the field and customers greater flexibility in pricing for specific business types and usage levels in order to be more competitive. After examining the client's model, Cydcor suggested a matrix pricing model and partnered with the client to implement it in a few markets.

The outcome exceeded expectations. The new pricing structure enabled sales representatives to increase volume and generate more revenue for the client.

success stories #2

challenge: Increase business acquisitions by an ambitious 50 percent.
solution: Achieve that goal.

A major telecommunications provider in Western Canada set an ambitious goal to increase business acquisitions by 50 percent in a short period of time. Cydcor, which had worked successfully with the client for several years, was up to the task and eager to deliver.

Cydcor developed a detailed implementation plan, rapidly scaled up the sales force and opened a new office in an existing market. In the end, Cydcor's professionalism and performance in the field not only "wowed" the client, but they also helped the client achieve its growth goal.

success stories #2

challenge: client wanted to boost stickiness of new customers by providing an exceptional customer experience.
solution: cydcor developed and implemented a field sales strategy to solidify customer relations strategy and improve customer retention percentages.

A major office products supplier – one of Cydcor's largest campaigns – asked if Cydcor would help them improve their lifetime value and the stickiness of their customers. These ongoing relationships would enable the client to enjoy long-lasting customer interactions that would in turn provide consistent revenue.

Cydcor's team immediately re-focused their customer service structure, revised training practices, and offered incentive programs to the field sales team based solely on attracting a quantity of quality customers.

The plan worked. Cydcor bypassed the client's original retention goal by nine percent and is pacing to exceed that goal by the end of 2012. The client knows that Cydcor has a track record of surpassing their goals and is excited to see the results continue to increase.

Cydcor Success Stories