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Cydcor has a distinctive corporate culture. That culture is built around actively living the Behaviors We Value. These values dictate everything we do, from our daily interactions with clients to volunteering with and supporting local charities. Living and breathing the Behaviors We Value credo is what separates us from our competition and consistently gets Cydcor ranked as one of the best places to work.

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Cydcor Kicks Off 2012

Cydcor team members jump-started 2012 with their annual Kick-Off Meeting! During the two-day event, team members from all departments gathered together to network, learn, and brainstorm.

The Importance of Confidence

During a USC class, we learned about a conference that was attended by 60 top business leaders. The leaders were asked to name their biggest fear. All 60 had the same answer, although not the same exact words. For each of them, their biggest fear is that people will find out that they are not so good.

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benefits working at cydcor

Cydcor wouldn't be where it is today without our most trusted assets — our team members. At Cydcor, we reward our team members by providing a wide range of company benefits — it’s one of the reasons we continue to be named, "One of The Best Places to Work."

  • Health, Vision and Life Insurance
  • 401(k) and Flexible Spending Plan
  • Paid Holidays and Vacation Time
  • Volunteer Days
  • Personal Development Opportunities