what does cydcor do?

Cydcor is the expert in sales. We explore and create new campaigns and growth strategies for our clients that we can put in place though our outsourced sales teams almost immediately. As the leading provider of outsourced face-to-face sales teams, we provide profitable and successful results to a diverse client base. Industries that benefit from our approach include telecommunications, office products, energy and retail, among others.

how long has cydcor been in business?

Cydcor has been in business since 1994. In 2001, the company moved its headquarters to the United States from Canada. During that time, we have continued to make a name for ourselves, helping leading companies reach their sales goals.

is the opportunity that cydcor provides for its network of independently owned sales offices for everyone?

Field sales and in-person marketing requires a certain career preference and demeanor. Some people have the personality to really excel in a sales environment; others are less suited. Those with a natural aptitude for field sales do extremely well in this career and are rewarded with opportunities for substantial long-term success. Through each interviewing process, it's determined whether there is a fit between a candidate aspiring to build a career and a company looking to help individuals make successful careers.

how do sales representatives from independently owned offices across the country sell on behalf of clients?

Cydcor has agreements with Fortune 500© and emerging companies to sell on their behalf. The sales offices sell products and services door-to-door or business-to-business in retail environments to ensure clients are receiving superior services by expert sales professionals.

can i buy an office?

Cydcor's business is one where an individual works his or her way up through the ranks, eventually having the opportunity to own an office. This ensures that every business owner has a clear understanding of the client's requirements.