Personal Development Growth

personal development

In addition to ongoing training opportunities inside the office, sales representatives are also invited to attend training and recognition events throughout the country, including:

  • Business Building Blocks
  • National Conference
  • R&R
  • Keys To Success
  • Team Nights
  • Community Service Events
  • Regional Meetings
  • Leader’s Meetings

During these events, attendees are provided with resources, such as Dr. Steven R. Covey’s The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, situational leadership tools and time management techniques.

business building blocks

An opportunity for assistant managers who are ready for ownership to learn the details of running an office.

national conference

The annual national conference provides opportunities for reps, assistant managers and owners to network and brainstorm together.


Much needed rest and relaxation is provided at locations across the country for owners and their families to help celebrate all the work they've done throughout the year.

keys to success

The year's "Kick Off" event, Keys to Success, is a major event for owners and assistant managers to jump-start the year with new ideas, relationships and learning groups.

team nights

Each independent sales office has team nights on a regular basis to bring together their group outside the working environment, enabling them to cultivate their internal relationships.

community service events

Each independent sales office has the opportunity to “give back” to their local communities; many offices plan specific events as a team to accomplish this.