The Truth About Cydcor:
Team Testimonials

team testimonials

"I'm proud to be part of the Cydcor team."— Jamie Corstorphine

"We have a great culture and team members "— Keegan Haueter

"We are a 'people-helping-people' business."— Austin Waggener

"I get constantly challenged."— Samantha Rogers

"Cydcor is the perfect fit for me!"— Kelli Saville

Lisa Stein
Director, Learning and Development

There's always opportunity to grow and develop, both personally and professionally. Mentors are available to provide the coaching for my personal development. I'm empowered to develop the professional skills in areas that I need to grow to help take our business to the next level. Every day, I'm motivated by the field who, along with our clients, are the reason we exist. When this is combined by working with the team we have at Cydcor, it doesn't feel like work.

Kyle Fried
Director of Operations

The best part about working at Cydcor centers around all of the people; after all, we are in the relationship business. It is building up a great team that I am super proud of. It is working with others that truly care about developing each other and helping each other get to the next level. It is working with some of the sharpest minds and helping them create their own future. It is getting up every day and just knowing no matter who calls me or who comes through my door, it will be someone that I want to talk to, and together we will take Cydcor to the next level.

Austin Waggener
National Account Manager

We are a "people-helping-people" business. Our business model is set up so that the only way for a person to achieve individual success is by helping the people around him or her achieve individual success themselves. There's evidence of this both in the field and at the corporate level. For me, working in this type of environment makes it easy to work hard because you feel like your efforts can make a difference in people's lives.

Kelli Saville
Director or Solar

Cydcor is the perfect fit for me! I can voice my opinions, make mistakes, and try out new ideas in an environment that is comfortable and welcomes fresh ideas. There are opportunities for growth and development at every turn, and I feel like I'm working with my closest friends.

Courtney Bindl
Senior National Account Manager

I really like the support we have and offer to our teams. It's amazing to work at a company that makes decisions based on what's right for their people, day in and day out. I could not be more proud to represent Cydcor because of their tireless drive to support - emotionally, physically, developmentally, and financially - their people.

Jamie Corstorphine
Director of National Accounts

I love that I get to work with a group of energetic, motivated, and ambitious people on a daily basis, both within Cydcor as well as the external sales teams. I also love that the Cydcor team cares about its clients and each other, which shows in everyone’s daily contributions. I’m proud to be part of the Cydcor team.

Jessica Rossano
Manager, Field Solutions

Cydcor is a perfect fit for me because we focus on the development of people. We make sure that our team members and clients grow both individually and in business. Working to help people motivates me to become a better person. I’ve worked with Cydcor for the past seven years and it has made me the person I am today. I’m excited to continue to learn and help others as well.

Madison Jesseman
National Account Manager

At Cydcor, I get to be myself, have fun, and gain incredible experience in an awesome environment. I've never worked somewhere that places such high value on personal development. Cydcor’s team members want to see you succeed as much as you want to see yourself succeed. I show up every day knowing hard work pays off, period. If you want opportunity, let your actions speak for themselves.

Lalo Burgos
Vice President, Campaign Management
Cydcor is about people and about figuring out how to help each team member achieve his or her maximum potential; personal development and growth is definitely the best part about my career at Cydcor. I feel empowered and encouraged to try new things, fail, learn and discover my strengths. Cydcor provides the support and the environment for us to grow.
Samantha Rogers
National Account Manager

I genuinely feel that I help people daily and that is a very rewarding feeling for me. I get constantly challenged, I’m never bored, and the people I get to work with in the office and in the field are amazing. I feel very lucky.

Keegan Haueter
Program Manager

Cydcor provides me with flexibility and the opportunity to work on programs and projects that I want to work on. We have a great culture and team members — I have also built some great friendships!

Agnes Konopka
Manager, Sol Support

The competitive, yet nurturing environment has allowed me to grow professionally and personally. There is open communication and there are no limits to professional development. I like having the opportunity to work with different departments and different teams. I feel like my work has a direct impact on the business and the offices we work with, and I like seeing how my work helps others succeed.