Cydcor Testimonials

team testimonials

Q Fortune
CEO/Executive Producer
What he learned:

Discovering the basic skills taught in a sales office was the most valuable lesson I learned outside of a traditional college environment. Learning inventory control helps me in my day-to-day operation. The assembly of a team that you oversee and motivate is key in making the production work we do easier. The ability to “think big” has helped me to grow our production company into an e-Media company that larger companies come to.

Why he recommends this experience:

If you are a graduate with no "real world" experience, you need to spend a year or two working in an office. You’ll learn how to work from the ground up to the capacity of running an office as the manager and later as the sales office owner. The skills you learn in the field working with 100-plus people a day is like being in a special graduate program using real world scenarios.

James Blake Wilson
Sales Representative
What he learned:

I enjoyed the benefits of critical conversations with dedicated executives by turning perceived problems into real opportunity. I equally enjoyed the interaction with campaign clients on an executive level, being involved with national decisions that affect the campaign positively while increasing production for the client.

Why he recommends this experience:

An opportunity with Cydcor and its organization of business owners is an excellent experience for any aspiring business executive. The systems and culture set in place allow a person to ultimately develop three areas: Character, security, and knowledge. These areas are critical to the successful development and continued success of any future business owner.

Nicole Velardi
Senior District Manager
What she learned:

I learned the true meaning of work ethic and self management, the importance and power that comes along with maintaining a positive attitude, always being a good student, and having a continuous willingness to learn. The main take-away I have is self-confidence. When you are running the show, you become part of a very small and elite percentage of the population. It’s a status that most will never achieve.

Why she recommends this experience:

It just makes you stronger. It’s a journey of self-improvement and you literally change people’s lives along the way. You teach them to think bigger while growing and being challenged every single day. You learn about people, dealing with rejection, communicating, selling, and marketing yourself. Who wouldn’t want that?

Jason Winkler
Account Manager
What he learned:

Business management skills like recruiting, training, accounting, finance, budget forecasting, contracting, people management, and relationship-building are all things that I had to learn to be a successful owner. But above all, it was the simple things that have made me successful, such as having a positive attitude and high integrity. I think many people think they do those things routinely, but in my experience, it is usually only about 20 percent who follow through consistently.

Why he recommends this experience:

I would recommend it for anyone willing to learn, work hard, and who likes to accomplish goals – but can also appreciate their failures on the path to success. The friendships and mentors that I formed and found during my Cydcor years will be with me for life.